April Fools’ Day 2016: The internet’s best (and worst!)

If you happened to spot some rather suspicious stories online today, check your calendar! April Fools’ Day is upon us again, and there have been some fantastic features out there, so in case you missed it, I’ve rounded up my list of the funniest so far! (cover image)

WWF’s campaign to “adopt a unicorn” 

April Fools' 2016 Jokes WWF Unicorns

A beach in Falmouth to have “under sand heating” making it a tourist destination all year round

April Fools' 2016 Jokes Falmouth Beach Heated Sand

Artisan toilet paper “Rustic Weave” taking hipster to a whole new level

April Fools' 2016 Jokes Quilted Northern Rustic Weave

Zipcar’s new service that matches your selfie with an appropriate hire car

April Fools' 2016 Jokes Zipcar

Brits flying to Magaluf have to undergo mandatory STI screening

April Fools' 2016 Jokes magaluf

Lexus introduce velcro in replace of seatbelts

H&M release the “Mark Zukerberg Collection” – 7 Grey T-shirts and a pair of jeans in one pack.

April Fools' 2016 Jokes HM

Take the perfect Kardashian naked selfie with this self adhesive black “Starkers Strips” from Groupon

April Fools' 2016 Jokes Groupon

Bathstore launch a “Silent Loo” app

Plus, the ONE time Nigel Farage tried to be funny…


I’ve had such a great April Fools’ Day reading through the ridiculous articles, what have you seen that’s amused you? Have I missed off any great ones?