Book Review || The Day We Disappeared by Lucy Robinson

The Day We Disappeared Book Review 3The Day We Disappeared is the story of two friends, who are each running away from their previous lives. Admittedly it was the blurb that intrigued me, and I’d read some good reviews about this book so hoped it would live up to its hype.

As I’ve not actually read anything else by Lucy Robinson I didn’t really know what to expect. It turns out, looking through her other novels, I’m not sure I’d have chosen it had I seen what else was on offer as they’re all very stereotypical chick-lit. Seeing as I’m not currently lounging around on a white beach sipping cocktails, it probably wouldn’t be for me at the moment. As much as I love a chick-lit when I’ve got all day to read on holiday, I do find I’d rather read something a bit grittier during the 20 minutes or so a few lunchtimes a week. However, this novel definitely didn’t turn out in the way I’d expected.

Anyway, back on to this book…

The story is wound around two main characters, Kate and Annie, and is told from their perspectives. Both have run away from something significant that’s happened, started a new life, and are really good friends. Whilst Kate has chosen to move to Devon and build a new career amongst a prestigious eventing yard, despite having no prior knowledge of horses whatsoever, Annie is living in London and is offered an opportunity too good to be true in an equally prestigious business.

I particularly enjoyed the full descriptions of each character, both primary and secondary and felt utterly involved in their lives. The story wove through light and cheerful days, followed by deep and angsty moments, hinting at horrors in the past but not quite ever revealing the full details. Whilst it’s easy to see that both women are vulnerable and scarred, there’s also a way that the author shows their strength of character and perseverance throughout.

The marvelous thing that I enjoyed most was the completely unexpected and wonderful plot twist. The story deals with some very serious and scary issues but manages to do so realistically, and in an empowering way for all characters involved. I can certainly say that though I’m usually quite good at guessing where stories are heading, I did not expect this one to end like it did. That was the beauty of it in a lot of ways, as the reader feels just as duped as the characters.

A really great read, and one that I’m almost nervous to continue writing about in case I give anything away. Though starting as a reasonably conventional romance, The Day We Disappeared flows effortlessly between gentle humour to very dark moments, encompassing both with ease and imagination.

The Day We Disappeared Book Review

Rating: 8/10

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