I’ve never been to Paris…

When I started this blog, I’d always thought I’d love to include as much travel and adventure as possible. I’ve loved it my whole life, getting away, seeing the sights and exploring. I’ve tried to adventure abroad at least once a year, and in between explore anywhere and everywhere in the UK too. However, recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the fact I’ve never been to some of the major places.

Namely, Paris, Berlin or New York.

Due to major budget constraints on the near and future horizon *hello buying a house*, recently I’ve been daydreaming a lot about those closer to home. For instance, one particular city you can get to in a few short hours…cough….cough…PARIS!




Perhaps it’s the influence that reading all of Imii’s blog posts about living there for a year has had, perhaps it’s because French is one of the only other languages I can sort-of-very-badly-get-by speaking, but I’d love to see Paris for myself. In fact, I even have a folder on my computer with useful information and things to do and places to see.

OBVIOUSLY I’d want to do the sights, get the obligatory selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower, visit the Louvre, Notre Dame and the Arc De Triomphe. I feel as though any time you visit such an iconic city as a first time tourist, you’d be silly not to go and see the sights. They’re popular for a reason people?!

Then again, I’d also love anything Moulin Rouge themed.

It’s up there in my top three favourite films.


Then again, another really great Paris themed film is An Education, and I loved the main character so much as a late teen I cut in a fringe and filled my ipod with French songs.




I think one of the things I’d love most about Paris is the cafe culture. *always about the food*

Patisseries, fresh bread, moules, steak frites, chocolat chaud, macarons….you name it, I love it! Though recently in a wrapped up conversation about French food ala Bake Off’s French episode, I was informed that actually frogs legs and snails aren’t really that tasty. What a disappointment!




When I stay in Paris, I’d hope to be somewhere accessible, reasonably priced and beautifully decorated. I’d walk along the Seine and stroll off the beaten track to see those parts of the city less trodden by tourists. This seems to happen wherever I explore and some of my favourite moments travelling have been getting lost and having to just keep going until I’ve found my way again. Sort of typical really, my sense of direction is appalling!

I’m hoping that for our yearly adventure, perhaps Sally and I may tick Paris off the list in 2017, just as we did for Barcelona this year!

Any recommendations would be very very welcome, have you been to Paris? What would be an absolute must to see?




*This post is a collaboration, but all hopes for a visit to Paris are my own!*