The Perfect Strangers Project


Towards the end of last year I took place in a wonderful idea by the magazine Oh Comely called “the Perfect Strangers Project” where people from all over the world are matched up with a stranger and based on a short bio they write about themselves, send and receive a box full of goodies.

I had a lovely match with a girl called Sarra who is a teacher in Chester and loves childrens stories, chocolate, homemade crafty things, baking, snuggling up in the winter and chocolate.

It was so much fun putting things together and wrapping them all up beautifully in a box to send to her. As well as the above I also included some homemade triple chocolate cookies with the recipe, the story of how Adam and I met and a usb stick with some of my favourite films, music and photos on.


I love brown paper for wrapping things in, and I had these lovely labels from Ikea to finish them off. On the back of each one I wrote a little clue. to what was inside.

Each time they do a Swap Box project, you get an outline of a few things you should include. As it was October when I made this box, the things to include were:

  • A modern day message in a bottle (eg a usb stick)
  • A wintery treat (the socks, hot chocolate and tea)
  • The “What’s in my bag” photocopy edition (the rolled up scroll included an annotated photograph of what’s in my bag)

the-perfect-stranger-project-presents-my-box-post-make-do-and-mendthe-perfect-stranger-project-presents-my-boxIn return I had this beautiful box from Sara which I was so excited to open! Lots of lovely treats for me to enjoy and the box itself is so useful and pretty!

I loved taking part in this project, and I’m excited for the next one on 25 May 2015!


If it’s something you’d like to join in with too visit The Perfect Strangers webpage HERE. Alternatively, have a look through last years boxes on Twitter HERE or using the hashtag #swapasurprise

The magazine that started this project is a beautiful one that you should definitely look into, it’s every bloggers dream! Oh Comely’s website can be found HERE and their blog is one to follow too!


Did you take part in it last time? Let me know if you have, or are thinking about joining in this year!