Travel Tuesday – Poland

Whilst you’re reading this, I’ll be sunning myself wondering the streets of Kraków. Babcia (my granny) is Polish, though her story of how she came to live in England over 70 years ago is an amazing one for another day…anyway…she and my grandad usually visit Poland every few years. However, inevitably age has caught up with them and they were worried about travelling on their own. When I was 12 they offered to take me over with them, but my parents thought it was unfair on my brothers that I would have gone on my own, so when they offered the same trip to all of us this year, there was no way I was going to turn it down.


So off we go on Friday morning (more like Thursday night as we’ll be up at 3am) and after one of the busiest fortnights of my career, including two return journeys of around 600 miles each to Norfolk, two very intense presentations to our client and key stakeholders and a public consultation evening to local residents for a planning application we’re putting together. Unfortunately it’s an innovative but exceedingly controversial project involving a complex sea defence design and I spent the entire 4 hour public meeting last night being shouted at (including one guy who threatened me with a chainsaw!). Still, we were just there to do what we’d been instructed by the client, so it was very much a case of them shooting the messenger.
Anyway, I have at least had some time to catch up with some blogging whilst my colleague has been driving half of the way. There has been so much on in the last few weeks I haven’t had time to eat, sleep or think, let alone find the time or headspace to spend a few hours creating interesting content.
I’m hoping that once I’m back from Poland, work will have calmed down a bit again and I will work normal hours, giving me some free time to get back on the blogging horse, so to speak (because I’ve actually really missed it!)
I leave for the airport in precisely 32 hours (which I have to squeeze in 13 hours at work, a fitness class and 2 nights sleep) and am yet to pack anything, find my passport or look up anything about where we’re going, so to get myself excited I thought I’d spend my lunchtime browsing the Internet for the top places to visit in Kraków.
So far the list I’ve made looks a little like this:
Main Square
I’m told our hotel is very close to the historic centre of Kraków and the main square is the place to be for restaurants, market stalls, churches and tourists (who can blame us?!) so I’m sure we’ll be spending a fair bit of time wandering it’s perimeters.
Wieliczka Salt Mines
Ive heard lots about the spectacular site that the salt mines provide just outside of Kraków and I’m pretty sure we’ll plan a trip some time during our week in the city.
The Lovers Bridge
Just like the one in Paris, it’s Krakóws version and I’ve got my padlock in hand, pre written on and I’m keen to take a walk to the river and add my cliche tradition to it.
Both Babcia and grandad have shown us photos and regaled tales of the beautiful mountains surrounding Kraków. Think geographers dream, lots of rural mountain top heritage and stunning snow topped mountains and incredible green lakes.
I imagine to be a harrowing and horrible experience, but one that I’m also fascinated to visit and see for myself. Babcia won’t come with us, it brings back far too many memories, so it will be a trip just for Ned and I.
Now that I’ve written this list, I’m actually feeling quite excited about going to Poland! And hey, a scheduled post for once- go me! I’m sure you’ll hear all about it once I’m back, bring on the adventure and learning all about my heritage!