50 Happy Things

  1. Piercing the foil lid on a brand new jar or pot
  2. When my brothers come home and the family are all together
  3. Stomping through frosty grass
  4. Driving home and all the traffic lights turn green just before you get to them.
  5. Listening to old CDs from years ago and bringing memories flooding back
  6. Feeling really energised after a great workout
  7. Waking up being cuddled
  8. Finding an item of clothing you’ve been longing for in a shop and they’ve got your size, plus it’s now half price!
  9. Meeting someone for the first time and realising you have a random connection through family/friends/experiences
  10. The first bite into a delicious pudding you’ve been really looking forward to
  11. Making my mum laugh until she cries
  12. Reverting back to being a child at the first sight of snow
  13. Your favourite song coming on the radio and singing along at the top of your voice
  14. Pulling off a flukey shot (in any sport) and making it look like that’s exactly what you meant to do.
  15. Realising you know all the words to a song you haven’t heard in ages
  16. Driving to Plymouth on a Friday night to find the flat tidy, dinner in the oven and a G&T on the table!
  17. Getting lots of comments on a post you put loads of effort into
  18. Finding unexpected money in your purse/coat pocket
  19. Seeing one of your best friends in their wedding dress for the first time.
  20. Bashing out pomegranate seeds
  21. Cuddles from any pets
  22. Getting to a foreign airport and your bags are the first to come onto the carousel 
  23. That all encompassing feeling when you’re at a live gig 
  24. When your favourite artist suddenly announces they’re releasing another album
  25. Lazy Sunday mornings in bed
  26. Going to the beach
  27. Cuddling up on the sofa surrounded by nice smelling candles and wine
  28. Driving back across the border into Cornwall
  29. Discovering a restaurant you haven’t tried before and it’s delicious and also pretty cheap
  30. Being folded into a really long bear hug
  31. Getting an unexpected text/call from someone you haven’t spoken to in ages
  32. Waking up early at the weekend then remembering you can go back to sleep for however long you like
  33. Meeting blogging friends and becoming real life friends
  34. Bumping into the teacher you really fancied at school on a day that you’d made an effort and you’re feeling like hot stuff
  35. Plunging your hand into a bowl of pumpkin seeds floating in water
  36. When you’ve written something off as completely broken but dad has somehow miraculously brought it back to life
  37. Gloucester services on the M5 (I’m kind of joking, but if you haven’t been, you’re missing out!)
  38. Being introduced to a stranger and instantly clicking with them, knowing that you’ll end up really good friends.
  39. Sitting around the kitchen table with my best friends the morning after a party, discussing drunken antics and eating toast for hours
  40. Crispy duck pancakes followed by steak followed by maple syrup and meringue icecream
  41. Harry Potter
  42. Going to sleep on a long car journey and waking up just as you pull onto your drive
  43. Finishing work on a Friday knowing you’ve got the whole weekend ahead of you!
  44. Seeing one of your best friends after a really long time and having so much to talk about/laugh until you cry about
  45. Getting to the point in an amazing book where suddenly the plot is unraveled and everything falls into place
  46. When you’ve put loads of effort into making a delicious meal and it not only looks exactly like it should, but also tastes like heaven on a plate
  47. Surprises
  48. Trying really hard to lose weight, and it actually working
  49. Watching love actually and wrapping all my Christmas presents
  50. Writing a blog post about all the best things in life and it really perking up your day!

Thanks to Tea in Your Twenties for tagging me (ages ago admittedly!) It was such a positive thing to come up with – though initially nearly all I could think of was food! 🙂

To continue the trend, I’m going to tag all my favourite blogs so far t – On Serpentine Shores, Take Courage, The Cornish Life, Clair Rossiter, Rhyme and Ribbons and Brainfood. Let me know if you do get around to writing it, I’d love to know what makes you happy!