A small reminder to check your boobs is in order today.

Do you check them often?

You should!




I sent this tweet out on Monday because over the last week or so I’ve been feeling increasingly more nervous about the fact my right boob was particularly sore. I don’t have any explanation for it, I can’t remember walking into anything, I’m not due on my period, but it’s strange how it’s also just my right. I can’t see or feel any difference in it at all, no lumps or bumps, skin puckering or change in shape or size. It just hurts occasionally, and that’s not normal for me. Therefore after sitting fretting and getting myself tied up in knots, I braved it and booked a doctors appointment.

First up, I can’t actually remember the last time I had to book one. I’m pretty sure I last went to the doctors about 2.5 years ago when I came back from university as I remember having to re-register. Since then, touch wood, I’ve been pretty healthy. In fact, my entire life, I’ve probably only been to the doctors a handful of times as I’m lucky enough that I don’t usually get ill.

Therefore, ringing the surgery and being told I had to go through “telephone triage” to assess my situation and urgency was strange. Especially as the receptionist requests what’s wrong so they can pass on the notes to a doctor. In this situation I was fine telling them, but I have later found out you aren’t obliged to (just fyi in case you have something reallllly embarrassing, or your friends mum is the receptionist…etc).


Spot the young Alice when I organised a pink day for my whole school when I was year 9 (I’ve just shocked myself working it out that it was a whole TEN YEARS AGO!!!)….

The doctor rang me back within 10 minutes and was so nice on the phone, asking lots of questions but reassuring me it was all probably fine and it’s best to go in for an appointment after my next period. Kinda annoying I have to wait a few weeks, but if she’s not worried, I’m also determined not to be.

The issue I have with boobs is that my mum had three cases of breast cancer at a really young age, so I have full well reason to be particularly switched onto changes. In fact, I do a full check every day in the shower. It doesn’t take long, and it’s so so important to know what’s normal for you!

I also think it’s really important to talk to people about it. Just like I’d said about contraception, we really should discuss things more with those we trust. Talk to your mum, friend, gran, auntie, neighbour about your boobs, and if you’re worried about anything whatsoever, GO TO THE DOCTOR. Even if nothing turns out to be the matter, it is so so much better to be reassured than sticking your head in the sand.

After all, big boobs or little boobs, pretty much over half of the country have them. I’m looking at you too men…

It funnily enough corresponds nicely (if that’s such a thing?!) with it being Breast Cancer Awareness month during October. I’ve always tried to support some sort of cancer awareness charity, and it actually coincided nicely with our fundraising coffee morning yesterday at work. There are tonnes of things you can do to help. Especially as 1/2 people will develop some sort of cancer in their lifetime and women have a 1/8 chance of developing it in their breast. Pretty scary figures.

Charities do a great job getting noticed and spreading the word about their vital work. When Breast Cancer Care approached me and asked if I’d like to help, I was so happy to. They are hosting “The Big Pink” during October to raise money to support those going through cancer, and are encouraging everyone to join in too. There are literally so many ways you can be involved to help raise money, or to get support if you need it.


Whatever you take from this, if you choose to help raise some money, send a tweet of support for #BCCBigPink, or just set a reminder in your phone to feel your boobs, be proactive! Check yourself more often, be aware of what’s normal and what’s not and talk talk talk to someone if you’re worried!