Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Don’t you just love a good pun?!

I don’t usually do that many beauty or fashion posts as that’s never really been my jam, but today is a teeny bit of an exception – not that hair particularly counts as either – does it?

The fact of the matter is, whilst my face and body shape have  stayed reasonably consistent throughout my life, my hair has not. I very much get to the stage of really liking my hair to then get bored of it and need a change. Length, cut, colour – it’s all changed frequently, but over the last six or so years I’ve kept it really quite long – until now!

There’s something so exhilarating about dramatically changing your appearance, and what better way to do it than run through a few of the best (and worst) styles over the years, landing up at this month’s big charity mop chop.

AGE: 1 – The classic baby quiff


AGE: 3 – Cute old curly Sue


AGE: 4- Ready to face the world from behind that marvelous fringe!


AGE: 7 – Channeling the bob (alongside some casual cross-dressing!)


AGE: 8 – Close resemblance to my rabbit, Humphrey


AGE: 10 – Center parting wonderment – at this point I could sit on my own hair!


AGE: 12 – Frizz whizz


AGE: 15 – Fond of cutting my own hair, I could be found sleeping most nights in plaits, or attacking my mane with straighteners.


AGE: 16 – First heartbreak = chop it ALL off.


AGE: 17 – Unusual hair drying techniques


AGE: 18 – Queen of Darkness, about as close to black as I could get away with. Haven’t seen my own hair colour for some time!


AGE: 20 – University block fringe – required straightening every day!


AGE: 21 – The year of the hair colour kaleidoscope. Rainy day boredom led to bleach blonde which was soon pokemon red and, with the threat of a job interview, slightly more natural auburn (in the space of about 3 months!)


AGE: 22 – Ginger Ninga (I LOVED this colour!)


AGE: 23 – “Badger” springs to mind – learnt that grown out highlights look a whole deal better than when they’re first in, eventually went very very blonde!


So here we are, age nearly 24, and I’d not cut or coloured my hair in a whole year. It was finally at a length I liked again, and the highlights had faded to a nice ombre with a fair old chunk of my natural mousey brown (hello old friend!). But hey, I’M BORED again, so why not do something good for the world and head off to Arena Creative Hair to chop off 11 inches – 9 of which were dontated to the Little Princess Trust who make wigs for children with cancer and alopecia.  It’s funny how as soon as you’ve done something drastic, suddenly you notice EVERYONE doing the same thing. I’m actually loving the lob and it hasn’t given me the fateful triangle head I expected (thanks especially go to Leigh Anne who cut my hair – it was hoenstly one of the best haircuts I’ve ever had!), I don’t have to straighten it to make it look good and it’s given me a boost of confidence that everyone should feel in their mid twenties!

AGE: 23.9, Time to chop it all off again for charity and make the most of being a sassy high-flying twenty something with an enviable lob*

*modesty not included


Tell me about your hair! Have you ever done anything drastic to it?