Lovely Things || February

Wow, where did February go?!

Admittedly, it’s the shortest month (even with the extra leap year day!) so it does always whizz past, this year seems to have flown even faster than usual though!

  • I kicked off the month by doing something wild and unexpected for charity – cutting all my hair off! I LOVE it andit’s definitely one of my favourite styles over the years. If you missed it, I ran through my best and worst in this little post here.


  • Funnily enough, just like in my January roundup, February also included time with Canadians, but instead was for work where we held registered installer training for 3 days. As it coincided with pancake day, I also got up early, made pancake batter for 15 and took our electric hot plate into work so we could make use of their gift of homemade maple syrup! So many presentations, discussions and jam packed days working from 8am-midnight and I was pooped!


  • Work has actually been really fun recently – we had our annual reviews last week and I got some great feedback so that’s put a smile on my face. Emma our intern left to go travelling halfway through February though, so I made her a globe cake (and wrote out the recipe for you lovely lot here). We’ve also been playing lots of mini table tennis at lunch times. Yep, we’re just big kids! PLUS, two of my colleagues have started coming to the HIIT classes I go to religiously on a Wednesday and Thursday. It’s fun being friends as well as just working together, after all you spending longer awake with your colleagues than any other person. How depressing is that?! 


  • As it’s been given such amazing praise, Adam and I decided to give in and watch Making a Murderer this month too. Oh my! We were hooked, only just managing to spread it across two separate weekends (I nearly ended up watching all 10 hours in one sitting!) If you watched it, what did you think?! Any links to thought provoking conspiracy theories are much appreciated!


  • One of my goals for the year is to also spend my time with my grandparents, so last weekend I had a lovely dinner with my grandma which was so good to spend some time together on our own. She’s such a babe! I’ve also FINALLY ordered a photobook of our time in Poland last summer for Babcia and Grandad. Choosing and editing photos then actually making the book took way longer than I expected, but I kept putting it off – naughty – so I’m excited for it to arrive! It was also my littlest brother’s 19th birthday during February and I bought him a decanter set and 6 matching glasses. Yep, that’s how we roll in our family. Bloody poshos! Ha!


  • Talking of posh, one meal I was very proud of this month was some scrummy eggs royale I just casually knocked up one Saturday. I’ve never actually made hollandiase sauce before as I’d always assumed it was really hard, but it went really well. Other than the RIDICULOUS amount of melted butter you have to use?!?! No wonder it’s so damn delicious, 100g for two people….WHAT?!


  • I also got my arse in gear and actually went for a run this month. Yep, just one, but that is on top of badminton and 2 HIIT classes a week. Downside is that I was feeling great about halfway through my usual route and decided to go down a different road to see where I ended up, thinking i’d just cross back over the train tracks later on. Yep, turns out you CAN’T cross back over the train tracks for seemingly miles! I got completely lost, had no concept of how long I’d been out, whether Adam was out searching for me thinking I’d been abducted, or actually how to get home. In bright red sweaty style, I gave in and asked a nice man for directions, only to find I’d gone way further than I had intended on my leisurely 20 minute normal route and ended up running for close to 8.5km (according to map my run afterwards). This may not seem like much, but if you knew my dislike for this form of exercise, it’s a big deal! P.S I didn’t photograph me running, so here’s the knitted deerhound I commissioned for Mum – the lady who makes them does all sorts of wonderful breeds, animals and tea cosys check her out on Etsy


  • Then finally, this weekend. On Saturday I got the train to Truro for brunch with the beautiful Cornish Bloggers in the Truro Lounge, then spent the afternoon laughing my head off with my brothers Harry and Ned. *photo credit goes to Anna at The Cornish Life as I forgot to bring my card reader back with me and currently can’t take my photos off my camera! 


  • Sunday was mine and Adam’s 3 year anniversary, and we had the BEST day. Starting off with breakfast in bed and a surprise bouquet, we then spent the morning in the sunshine at Dartmoor Zoo (which btw, for a little zoo in the middle of nowhere, is AMAZING!) Yep, it’s the one from “We bought a zoo” if you’ve ever seen the film or the TV series? The animals were all out basking in the sunshine so we got great views of the meerkats, lions, bengal tigers, wolves, grizzly bears, jaguars, cheetahs….etc including my spirit animal, the Capybara. Absolute babes.


  • During the afternoon I decided I fancied a cocktail (why not at 3pm on a Sunday) so whizzed up some pornstar martini’s for us both, followed by the loveliest meal in Pizza Express, my love and appreciation of which is summed up nicely in my Facebook post earlier. Adam was so thoughtful, thinking of all the little things down to requesting a replica of the sharing trio of desserts that we had 3 years ago, even though it’s changed on the current menu, and getting hearts drawn in our lattes. Cute or what.


I have also been so appreciative of the lovely lovely response to the post I wrote about how we met yesterday, you guys are the best! <3

To finish off this mammoth and fabulous summary of all the fun February things, I leave you with this video. I beg you to click on it. I think it is possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen and I laughed until I cried.

Three times.

I actually can’t watch it in public any more, it’s that good.


Tell me about your February, what’s been your highlight?!