Lovely Things || May

Phew, May has flown by at nearly the same speed as the cheeky little Easyjet plane that whizzed me to Barcelona. There we go, we’ve got a lil’ reference in about the fact I got back yesterday from my May bank holiday adventure abroad. Soz, not soz. No really, you’ll hear more about it, so to give you time to prepare yourself, I’ll let you in one what other lovely things happened during May…

Lovely Things May Transat Bakerly Plymouth

The Transat Bakerly Boat Race

I left the last monthly round up as I was just about to enjoy that weekend celebrating the start of the solo boat race that ran from Plymouth to New York. And we did! Taking a little hip flask of rum up to the top of a steep grassy hill across the water from Mount Batten, we rested our backs against the citadel and watched the fireworks scatter across the sky, reflected in the water. If only I hadn’t left my phone on the grass and we had to walk alllll the way back for it (me practically running in a panic that it had been stolen), it would have been perfect!

Lovely Things May Plymouth blog Meet 1Lovely Things May Plymouth Blog Meet 2

Plymouth Blog Meet at Mount Edgcumbe

If you’re a south west blogger, why were you not there?! Ellie had organised a lovely get together at the start of May in Mount Edgcumbe just a hop over the water on the ferry. Great new blogger friends, beautifully decorated and, most importantly, local! I wrote up a little post on it here.

Lovely Things May friends family and food

Friends, Family and Food

What’s life without food, huh?! Especially when you share it with friends and family. During May we managed a really good number of meals both out and in, including a late notice lunch with my lovely Grandma, friends BBQs and being treated to afternoon tea and cocktails for a late birthday present with Adam’s granny.

Lovely Things May 7 days of nature

7 Days of Nature

Another Facebook fad, but during May I was challenged to post a nature photo every day for a week, and I really loved it! Mum also ended up being nominated and she had lots of fun snapping up some pretty impressive phone photos in the garden. At the same time, I also went MAD at Plants Galore, the cheapest and best garden centre ever. So much so I have filled all my pots and hanging baskets, filled an extra pot for one neighbour, gave two trays of pansies, lobelia and stocks to another neighbour, one tray each to mine and Adam’s mums! Flowers anyone?!

Lovely Things May more food 2Lovely Things May more food

Even more food..

On a slightly different food note (after all, this blog is partly food based…) I have had lots of opportunity during May to cook different dishes. Fear not, you will be treated to some fantastically delicious foodie inspiration over the next week or so!  If you missed it, here’s a taste test of some gluten free sauces, and a recipe for the most delicious brazilian bbq chicken I’ve ever tried!

Lovely Things May more food 3

Ellie was also the luck winner of my cake competition, which meant I could deliver it by hand. I was actually really pleased with how her fatless sponge turned out and she loved it!

Lovely Things May perfect present

Perfect presents

When Adam’s mum went to a charity auction of wooden playground animals, she told us the one thing she wanted was a wooden hippo. However, as it sold for £450 in the end, I’m not surprised she didn’t win! For her birthday, instead we decided to make one! Cue a whole day sawing, sanding and measuring it out, when we gave it to her at her birthday meal she cried! Such a lovely response to a present we had spent hours and hours making, it was so worth it!

Lovely Things May my marathon


I did it, during May I ran a whole 26.2 miles! Part of me can’t quite believe that I managed it, but part of me is also surprised I didn’t end up doing more. If it wasn’t for shin splints and Barcelona, I may have tried to run even further, but for now I’m so pleased I conquered the challenge and proved that running isn’t all bad. See my weekly update posts 1 | 2 | 3 (the final installment will be uploaded soon!)

Lovely Things May barcelona

May bank holiday in BARCELONA

I said it would come up again, didn’t I?! I have literally just arrived back from 4.5 days in Barcelona, and it was everything I hoped and more! With one of my best friends Sally in tow, we cycled and walked what felt like hundreds of miles, ate some delicious food, explored the most beautiful places, drank all the sangria on our sun terrace, wondered into a Coldplay concert by accident and squeezed in absolutely everything we could in the time we were there. I loved the city, and there will be a LOT more to see of our May holiday in upcoming posts (I’ve just got to sort and edit the 884 photos I took first…!!)

Apologies for being rather AWOL the last 11 days, as you can tell I’ve been a busy bee! Keep me in the loop, tell me what you’ve been up to in the comments below, I want to hear all about it! 😀 xxx