Lovely Things || July

July means one thing- we’re now SEVEN months down, WHAT?! SEVEN!!!

This month has been a mix of very very hot days and others which are a bit “meh” weather wise. Especially now we’ve entered August – what’s with the rain folks?!

Thinking back over the last 31 days is actually quite a challenge – whilst there’s been lots going on, realistically some things happened a whole month ago and that’s hard! I’ll try and run through it all in chronological order, ish. There was also a really great post from Christopher George recently about planning the next six months of the year, and staying motivated to make 2016 the best! Doing these monthly round ups of lovely things is a really great feature that reminds me of all the little joys in life, big and small, that keep me smiling. So for now, on to July…

Cornwall Cornish Blogger Picnic

As I mentioned in my post here, I went to a great Cornish Blogger Picnic at the start of July. Dropped sausages, seagulls, BBQ king and not a drop of rain proved to be a great evening!

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Lovely Things July 2

ADBA Presentation

You should enjoy your job, and although the day to say tasks can be un-noteworthy on the blog, some achievements should be celebrated! At the start of July I went to the main industry show for one of the companies I work for and did a presentation seminar. It was great to stand up and talk about what I do, and we had so much interest from it as a company, so that’s got to be worth it right?!

Lovely Things July 3

Badders babes…

Mum and I usually play badminton every Monday evening with a group of middle aged ladies locally and we love it! However, now that it’s summer, we’ve also bought a net for the garden. Making use of the summery July evenings, one week I think we played every single night after work! Bayfield family fun and what not! I also had one Saturday at home this month which is unusual, and we went for a lovely family meal with my grandparents and uncle.

Lovely Things July 4

Lovely Things July 17

Ali’s Birthday

One of my oldest and best friends turned 25 during July and her sister and housemate threw her a surprise birthday afternoon tea. We haven’t seen each other for ages and it was so lovely seeing her surrounded by her nearest and dearest, munching on our childhood homemade favourites- caramel slices and playing lots of funny games in the garden.

Lovely Things July 5


Plymouth Bloggers Brunch

As also mentioned in my post before, I was lucky enough to attend another blogger event – this time with the lovely Plymouth bloggers, some I’ve met a few times and some were new. I am really enjoying getting to know more and more bloggers locally.

Lovely Things July 8

Lovely Things July 10

My best friend became Mrs Norris!

Not quite the HP cat you’re thinking, nor did she get married, she actually qualified as a teacher! Miss Honey eat your heart out, she’s going to make the most amazing year 5 teacher and I’m so proud of her. I was honoured to be invited to her graduation, which was so much fun and ended up with both of us very drunk, in a bar we’d frequent as teenagers!

Lovely Things July 9


Bring your Hurley Home

Adam helped organise a major yachty event during July where Hurley yacht owners were all invited to come and celebrate the 50th anniversary of them being made. The originator, George Hurley, has since died, but his 94 year old wife was there to watch the sail past on Plymouth Hoe, accept the celebratory dinner and drinks in his honour that evening and unveil a blue historic plaque dedicated to him. Loads of people turned out, we had gorgeous sailing weather and had such a magnificent weekend.

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Barbers Live Loft Sessions

Like last month, I went to the Barbers Loft, Live Sessions in the medieval hayloft again for some live acoustic music. I took my family and we had a really nice evening out, despite this time the acts being slightly weirder than June’s sessions. I will highly recommend Swallow and the Wolf however, they were incredible!

Lovely Things July 13

MTV Crashes Plymouth

Funnily enough, there’s been more live music this month too as I won The Cornish Life‘s giveaway for tickets to MTV Crashes Plymouth. I took my little brother Ned to see Anne Marie, Jonas Blue, Raleigh Richie, Jess Glynne and Rudimental. We had a really great evening (Jess Glynne especially was amazing live) and despite my reservations that I’d be surrounded by a load of 16 year old Janners, it was actually really good fun.

Lovely Things July 15


House Hunting

Some of the most exciting news during July was that we’ve been seriously house hunting. To the point where we’ve actually put offers in on a house we both love. As in, really love. But can’t necessarily afford the asking price. Booooo 🙁

We’ll see, at the moment it’s a bit of a waiting game, is super duper stressful, but I have to keep thinking what will be will be! I mean, look at it….!!!

Lovely Things July 14

To that end, we’ve also put Adam’s flat on the market, which is also reallllllly exciting! 🙂

Spending 14 hour days finishing the DIY we’ve been putting off on both Saturday and Sunday, however, was not.

Still, I’m proud of how much we’ve done, I really like how it all looks, and I’ve been busy spamming everyone I’ve ever met with the link so that hopefully someone will want it! If you fancy a nose around, have a look here. On another note – as the garden is now FINISHED, I will be doing a DIY post very soon, keep a look out!

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Hope you’ve all had a fab fab fab July, tell me about the loveliest thing you’ve been up to this month below!