Wooden Window Sills

Afternoon Chickas!

I’m back, well, sporadically. Apologies for going AWOL, you see, I’ve had very good reason to be – WE’VE MOVED IN!!!

I can confirm, finally, that I own my very own wooden window sills – quite literally as well, the house has so many old features like shutters, fireplaces in every room and deep wooden window sills!

The beautiful irony huh?!

Whilst celebrating my 25th birthday, then heading up to the north of Newcastle for 2 days with a colleague (no mean feat involving 17 hours driving and over 1000 miles in 48 hours!), I headed back down after finally exchanging to meet Adam at our NEW HOUSE!! Yippeeeee 🙂

On Thursday night we sat on the floor eating a Chinese takeaway, in disbelief that the walls around us were actually ours and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done. The house is in a liveable state, although we will want to do up each and every room as part of the whole project. saying that, it’s going to take some time before we’ve even saved enough again to afford all the DIY, so for now it’s a case of working through all the free and laboursome jobs like sanding everything down (aforementioned wooden window sills included!) Across the bank holiday weekend we had an army of helpers bringing through the boxes that had been sat in storage in the barn for the last 3 months. My parents, brothers, auntie and grandma slaved away all morning on Saturday to-ing and fro-ing until everything was in, followed by lunch at the local pub, which turned out to be pretty spectacular!

We had friends and family popping in all weekend, with a total at the last count of 28 visitors! That’s a fair few cups of tea and coffee made over 4 days!

I even managed to properly test out the oven with a full Easter Sunday roast with all the trimmings (my Yorkshires were disappointing compared to normal, but I think that was my fault getting them in before the oil was smoking!)

We spent the weekend unpacking, finding new places for things and then topped it off with me flooding the kitchen not realising that the waste pipe wasn’t blocked off from when the previous tenants left. Cutting through the lino in our PJs at 11pm really wasn’t the one. Still, to say that we were cutting through our very own lino, in our very own kitchen of our very own house is such a crazy novelty! After waiting 9 months since we had our offer accepted, it’s now madness that the rooms are filled with the things we own!

I’m so excited to give you all a tour and share our dreams for how everything is hoped it will be when we’re done with it, but as for now we don’t even have the internet yet (and as the walls as so thick, phone signal isn’t great either!) that will have to wait a little while.

This whole process (as documented since July 2016!) has been a long winded, stressful journey that has tried our patience beyond belief, yet here we are. I first walked into that house knowing that I would be very happy living there, and despite every hurdle that was thrown our way getting there, I’m finally a homeowner of the most beautiful house in the world!

Wooden Window Sills 2