Wooden Window Sills

Wooden Window Sills 3

Afternoon Chickas!

I’m back, well, sporadically. Apologies for going AWOL, you see, I’ve had very good reason to be – WE’VE MOVED IN!!!

I can confirm, finally, that I own my very own wooden window sills – quite literally as well, the house has so many old features like shutters, fireplaces in every room and deep wooden window sills!

The beautiful irony huh?!

Whilst celebrating my 25th birthday, then heading up to the north of Newcastle for 2 days with a colleague (no mean feat involving 17 hours driving and over 1000 miles in 48 hours!), I headed back down after finally exchanging to meet Adam at our NEW HOUSE!! Yippeeeee :)

On Thursday night we sat on the floor eating a Chinese takeaway, in disbelief that the walls around us were actually ours and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done. The house is in a liveable state, although we will want to do up each and every room as part of the whole project. saying that, it’s going to take some time before we’ve even saved enough again to afford all the DIY, so for now it’s a case of working through all the free and laboursome jobs like sanding everything down (aforementioned wooden window sills included!) Across the bank holiday weekend we had an army of helpers bringing through the boxes that had been sat in storage in the barn for the last 3 months. My parents, brothers, auntie and grandma slaved away all morning on Saturday to-ing and fro-ing until everything was in, followed by lunch at the local pub, which turned out to be pretty spectacular!

We had friends and family popping in all weekend, with a total at the last count of 28 visitors! That’s a fair few cups of tea and coffee made over 4 days!

I even managed to properly test out the oven with a full Easter Sunday roast with all the trimmings (my Yorkshires were disappointing compared to normal, but I think that was my fault getting them in before the oil was smoking!)

We spent the weekend unpacking, finding new places for things and then topped it off with me flooding the kitchen not realising that the waste pipe wasn’t blocked off from when the previous tenants left. Cutting through the lino in our PJs at 11pm really wasn’t the one. Still, to say that we were cutting through our very own lino, in our very own kitchen of our very own house is such a crazy novelty! After waiting 9 months since we had our offer accepted, it’s now madness that the rooms are filled with the things we own!

I’m so excited to give you all a tour and share our dreams for how everything is hoped it will be when we’re done with it, but as for now we don’t even have the internet yet (and as the walls as so thick, phone signal isn’t great either!) that will have to wait a little while.

This whole process (as documented since July 2016!) has been a long winded, stressful journey that has tried our patience beyond belief, yet here we are. I first walked into that house knowing that I would be very happy living there, and despite every hurdle that was thrown our way getting there, I’m finally a homeowner of the most beautiful house in the world!

Wooden Window Sills 2

  • Alex Barker

    Ah Alice! I’m so crazy happy and excited for you! The house looks so stunning and it sounds like you had a wonderful time with family moving in.
    Really looking forward to getting a tour and seeing what you do with this place! xxx

    • Thank you so much lovely, I can’t wait to host a Cornish bloggers meet up this summer so you can all come and see! Especially now my address is back over the border into Kernow and we’re less than an hour from Fal! :) xxx

  • HUGE congratulations love! What an incredible house you own – serious heart eye emojis for it xxx
    Sophie Cliff

    • Thank you so much Sophie! I’m so excited about it, it really hasn’t sunk in! xxx

  • I know this post is all about your house (I promise I’ll get to that!) but OMG you came up to Newcastle?!!! Wow that’s a treck! Did you get to experience any of it?

    Ahh so happy you’re now in your dream house! Can’t wait to see what you do with it, the outside is beautiful!

    • Yep! Sadly I had zero time for exploring, it took us 7 hours to get up there and 8 hours to get back, the north north is a VERY long way away from me, 1000 miles driven in 2 days! 😉 I got excited about the angel of the north though, and we stayed in Heddon-on-the-wall which seemed nice! xxx

  • Congratulations for you both! I look forward to upcoming interiors posts! :) xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

    • I can’t wait to start writing them, I’m trying to remember to document each stage! xxx

  • I am beyond excited to come and see the inside of the new Wooden Windowsills Home! Can’t believe it’s finally happened *does a little dance* xx


    • Yayayayayayay thank you for being my sounding board throughout the whole process, you’ve been v. patient over 9 months of frustration! Can’t wait for you to come and see it! xxx

  • It is a really beautiful cottage ❤️ I am all kinds o jealous! So…it’s in Cornwall right? We are defo coming down that way July 29th-Aug 5th

    • YES Holly!!! Ohhh I’d love to meet up if we can work it out! We’re just over the border from Devon into Cornwall, but less than an hour from Falmouth! I’d be happy to come visit you wherever you end up, have you got friends and family to stay with still in Cornwall? xxx

      • I am coming down with a whole hoard of people so we are all renting a cottage in Polruan. I do have friends and family that I will be visiting though, which is so very exciting! People I haven’t seen in years!!

  • Sophie

    Congratulations! That is so exciting, and your house is BEAUTIFUL. Can’t wait to see more!
    Sophie xxx

    • I can’t wait to show you more, going to have to start with the before photos as we have a lot to do, and it’s going to take us years to get it all done! Such an exciting project though! xxx

  • It’s absolutely the perfect house! The kind you draw (badly) as a child! Huge congratulations! I remember this massively exciting time well, even though it was 2.5 years ago now for us (wow, time flies when you’re renovating an entire house!). We are just entering the final phase of renovations – moving our tiny galley kitchen into the larger dining room, but this involves removing chimney breasts and adding windows and doors and all sorts of fun things that you have ahead of you! One bit of advice – live with it a little while before making any big decisions to change things, it helps to know how you use the space first. (And helps you save up a bit of cash after nearly bankrupting yourself with house purchase costs!) Enjoy it all! Cannot wait to see more pictures! xx

    • That’s funnily enough how I describe it to people, it’s like a typical child’s drawing of a house! Symmetrical with a straight path leading up to it and roses around the door! We have ALL of that ahead of us, and I’m sure it’s going to take even longer than 2.5 years, but I’m so excited to start it all and go through the house room by room making it as beautiful as it is in my head! Have you posted DIY transformations as you’ve gone along? Did you do most of the work yourselves or get builders in for it? and YES tell me about it, I can barely afford food right now, let alone any sort of actual renovation work! Going to stick to the free things like sorting, stripping and sanding I think at least until the end of the month! xxx

  • Congrats! So happy for you! It’s such a beautiful house. Can’t wait to get a tour :)

    Mimmi xx

    • I can’t wait to give you a tour, it’s going to be a slow journey but i’m going to try and document it all as much as possible! xxx

  • Yay congrats!! It is such a gorgeous house, I hope all the DIY goes well!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Thanks Jasmin! So do I! We’ve never quite done something to this level before. but we’ll take it slowly room by room and I’m sure it’ll be absolutely fine! :) xxx

  • Such a beautiful house! Must be such a relief to finally be in! Congrats!! Look forward to seeing more of it in your posts! :)

    • SUCH a relief you wouldn’t believe! It’s just so unreal that I get to drive home tonight to MY house, like, I own a house, how weird is that?! xxx

  • What a stunning house you’ve bought! GOrgeous photos – super pretty!
    I’m excited to see more!
    Congrats again lovely xxx

    Holly xx BLOG: http://www.mrshollycrocker.com
    LATEST: https://www.mrshollycrocker.com/blog/2017/4/21/veeno-italian-wine-cafe-chester

  • Debbie Brook

    Congratulations to you both, it’s beautiful xx

  • OMGGGG I’m so jealoussss its beautiful !! Congratulations and I’m hoping to see more of your gorgeous house !! Dominica from London. xXx

  • This is awesome, congratulations! Such a beautiful house too!! Good luck with all the sanding and DIY bits and bobs, I’m sure it will all be worth it and so exciting to be doing it all in your very own house. Looking forward to seeing your updates :)


    • There will be a LOT of sanding initially! Haha got to go through all the cheaper jobs before we can afford to do the expensive stuff! xxx

  • Oh. My. God. I love it! We have a lot of similiarities in taste when it comes to houses – unfortunately mine isn’t yet a reality but we did buy our own place 2 months ago and everything you described is so real. I still wake up now and stare around thinking ‘this really is all mine, isn’t it’ the pure disbelief, it still has not sunk in. Congratulations, and happy planning and DIY’ing. I hope to see plenty photos of those window sills and fireplaces you mentioned.

    Lots of love, a new reader.


    • Welcome Sara! What a happy post to start reading my blog on as well, I’m so pleased! It’s funny, it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that we actually own the place, and can do whatever we wish with it DIY wise. I can’t wait to crack on with a few projects before getting stuck into the bigger plans we have! One of my friends made me laugh saying that though we had to wait for years to be able to afford something like this, we seemed to have jumped a few house stages, straight into our “forever home” 😉 What’s your house like? xxx

  • I’m sooo happy you’re finally in, I honestly can’t believe it took you so long, 5 months for me felt like an eternity, but it was great for saving in the end! The house look absolutely stunning, hope you get settled in soon and I’m looking forward to hearing all about it :) xxx

    • It really does, buying a house is so crazily stressful and you end up holding your breath at every little stage! Can’t wait for you to come and see it too, there’s lots to be done, but i’m excited for all of my friends to see it from the beginning so as we slowly do things we can show them off and see our progress! xxxx

  • OH MY GOD, JUST LOOK AT IT. I’m sorry for the caps lock, but SERIOUSLY. LOOK AT IT!!!! This is like the most perfect, little (although probs not so little) cottage I have ever set my eyes upon. Congrats & may you have many happy years here!
    Bee xxx

    • Never apologise for excited caps! 😉 I KNOW!! I can’t quite believe it either, it just feels so surreal! If it’s anything like as happy as I feel now, I can;t wait to go through all the steps to make it even more beautiful! xxx

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